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State of art Infrastructure,Highly qualified and experienced faculty,State of art Infrastructure,

State of art Infrastructure,

facilitating conducive environment for teaching and learning.

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Highly qualified and experienced faculty,

to nurture the students to become thorough dental professionals.

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State of art Infrastructure,

facilitating conducive environment for teaching and learning.

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The Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology of Farooqia Dental College is concerned with providing quality oral health care to the society. Since its establishment the department has worked towards implementing quality education, training and patient care under the guidance and supervision of highly qualified faculty. The Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology offers undergraduate program (BDS) recognized by the Dental Council of India and three-year postgraduate program (MDS) approved by the Dental Council of India.

Oral Medicine is the branch of dentistry that is concerned with the diagnosis and medical management of various orofacial diseases and providing oral health care to the medically compromised patients. The students are trained to provide quality dental health to the community and impart high quality primary dental care to patients, with special focus on prevention of dental and oral diseases.

Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology is the speciality of dentistry that deals with the production and interpretation of X-rays for the purpose of diagnosis and aiding in the management of oral and maxillofacial diseases. The students are trained to excel in both theoretical and practical knowledge under the supervision of highly qualified and efficient faculty


  • To provide, health care service of the highest standard to the society by utilizing up to date research and technology.
  • To acquire and implement the knowledge regarding latest treatment and imaging modalities.
  • To use appropriate investigations to determine the treatment required and to rationalize different treatment considerations i.e. the need for emergency dental care, medications, referral and follow- up.
  • To emphasize on righteous dental education and patient care.
  • To train dental professionals who are highly competent, socially responsible and compassionate human beings.


The Department of Oral medicine and radiology offers

  • Diagnosis and management of various oral and maxillofacial diseases including oral mucosal lesions, orofacial pain, oral premalignant lesions and conditions, Salivary gland and TMJ disorders.
  • Performing FNAC, Toluidine staining and biopsy.
  • Intraoral radiography including Bitewing, Periapical and Occlusal radiographs
  • Extraoral and digital radiography
  • Educating and motivating the patient about the importance of oral health, and hazardous of various deleterious oral habits and their effects on the general health.
  • Oral health care and management of medically compromised patients.



  • Outpatient registrations counter with waiting area for patients.
  • Undergraduate clinic: 9 dental chairs for training of 3rd, 4th BDS students and interns.
  • Post graduate Clinic: 11 fully equipped  dental chairs for training MDS students
  • 4 Intraoral radiographic units with lead screens
  • RVG Room: Scan Ray RVG facility.
  • Siemens general x ray unit – 300mA
  • One each of Conventional and Sirona Digital OPG machine
  • Dark room facility for processing of radiographs
  • 2 Automatic X-ray processors
  • Intraoral camera
  • Seminar Room with overhead LCD Projector.
  • Post graduate Room: For Post graduate students with locker facility.
  • Faculty Rooms: H.O.D Room, Staff Room.
  • Sterilization Room: Autoclave, Dry heat Sterilizer, Ultrasonic cleaner
  • Department Library: Department has a compact library with speciality books,Dissertations, library dissertations and seminars for references.



The subject of Oral medicine and Radiology is taught in the III and IV year BDS. The students are trained to excel in the skills of case history recording and examination to arrive at a working and differential diagnosis. Intra oral periapical radiographs are taken using Bisecting and Paralleling technique to aid in the diagnosis. Bitewing radiographs are also taken for the detection of dental caries. The teaching programme for the undergraduates in Oral Medicine and Radiology includes –

  • III and IV year BDS
    • Lecture classes and discussions.
    • 20 Clinical case history recording and examination.
    • 25 Radiological exercises
    • Periodic internal assessment
    • Seminars
  • INTERNSHIP – Clinical cases examination and discussion.


Advanced education in the subject of Oral medicine and maxillofacial radiology for graduate dentists to pursue a career of specialization, develop research skills and practice teaching. During the 3 years MDS course the postgraduate students are trained with higher standards of clinical and evidence based dentistry. The course curriculum involves

  • Orientation programmes
  • Training in basic sciences
  • Case history recording and clinical examinations
  • Perform diagnostic procedures such as FNAC, Toluidine staining and biopsy
  • Perform basic CPR.
  • Intraoral and extra oral radiographic exercises – Taking various intraoral and extraoral radiographs; tracing anatomical landmarks and interpretation of radiographs.
  • Peripheral postings in Dermatology and Oncology.
  • Seminars
  • Case Presentations
  • Journal club presentations
  • Library Dissertation and Main Dissertation.
  • Undergraduate teaching
  • Poster and paper presentation at PG convention or conference.
  • Publication of report in journals


  • Computer with internet, scanner, and printer facilities, LCD Projector & OHP.
  • Lecture classes and discussions.
  • Periodic assignments and internal assessments.
  • Chair side discussion, workshop, models and posters.
  • Seminars, Case presentations and Journal Clubs.


The department has sufficient faculty members who are dedicated in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as providing dental treatment.

The department has sufficient faculty members who are dedicated in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as providing dental treatment.

1  Professor  1
2  Reader  2
3  Senior Lecturer  1
4 Lecturer 1



 1 Dr.Srisha Basappa M.D.S Professor and Head
 2 Dr.Mahesh M.S M.D.S Reader
 3 Dr.Prathibha Rani R.M M.D.S Reader
 4 Dr. Archana Patil M.D.S Senior Lecturer
 5  Dr. Azghar Raziq B.D.S Lecturer


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